Good clanleader

Been a while since I made one of these:

image: HsS


fake imo....

Not possible i cheat
It is my ETpro , this is right....

If i use cheat i think i will have better statistic, i have all my demo in my computer,i can send it.
And i'll be not always spectator with my team if i had cheat :x

Can you say to me when it is this PBscreen plz? Cause i work often the night, i'll be curious for know when it was. ty
i dont understand what you are trying to say :/
GG traxx for your wrong PBscreen about me :)

i can proof with all my records that i don't use cheat :)

Good try traxx

we caught u with wh in our server too...and u left dev saying it was a "strange" cfg...

Cmon michael admit it, dont deny
i dont think he is cheating..
he has much worst dmg then the others of us (<3) and his aim isn´t like a wh :X
his skills are teamplay and medic work.. and not giving hs and aim at enemys befor seeing them ;>

take a look at the clanhistory .. ec4 , rewind , reload... its hard to belive that he cheats all this team.. with excellent teams and players.
your comment speak against itself tbh.
sladjan u are the guy who thinks moprhii is cheating .. right?
and just saw a nice aim on long distance and most time sucky aim and nrealy distance :X
at least sunday cause i'm not on my computer atm

i'll give a link with all my recent Demos war
After you can post if you realy think that i cheat but don't laugh about my level after watch the demos :)

I'm only TP medic guy :)
for my others players doesn't be whine cause me, i give the leadering to be4sty atm.

But i'll have the end about this history
hard to belive but the ss is untempered.

28 years old male working as a chef and has 3 kids, yäh.
mitä vittuu vineet tääl joka päivä, hÄ?
koska minulla on tylsää, pelaisimmeko miksua?
The evidence is pretty clear. Funny how some of you won't even consider the fact that he probably cheated.
dr.mikael, technolust anti-cheat agent

The evidence is pretty clear, youre right..
But really.. I know for sure this isn't right.. this is faked or someone played with the pb guids.. (not accusing anyone..)

I'm just sure he doesn't hack, it's impossible..
All the pieces fit together. There is no sign of guidspoofing at all. Sorry to blow your bubble.
I'm not an idiot.. I can see the pieces fit together..
But he really like never played with us.. He only specced & never told us where they are..
so what's the use of cheating then?? :/
It makes no sense that he cheats..
If you're not an idiot, and you see the pieces fit together, don't say "it's impossible that he hacks" because it makes you look like an idiot :p

Obviously he got bored and hacked it up on some pub..
If you're not an idiot, and you see the pieces fit together, don't say "it's impossible that he hacks" because it makes you look like an idiot :p

=>> LOLLED you are right.. but it's like unbelief :/
I understand.. I'm sorry :(
Lol guys, it is realy the shit : PUBLIC POLAND SERVER

what do you want i do on a fucking PUBLIC POLAND server where i' have >100 ping and lag

And ps if it was me (it is not i don't know how), wa can try cheat on a public server if we want instead it is not in official war...... but like that, it is not me.
your not allowed to cheat anywhere, so what is your point?
how you know its polish pub?
ROFL now is allowed to hax on publics?

get a life slajdan instead accuse me

The next'll be perhaps you

i know i don't use cheat

i cant explain how my PBguid and etc is here
In-game cheating outside ClanBase:

* On a Public / Clan server: 6 month ban
he is defending himself too much imo as for being innocent :D

and he cant press damn reply button :D
now i leave and not answer to accusation.

Next time i'll post hre will be for give to you a link for DL all my recent war demos if u want check :)

Good week end, my wife call me :)
At the very same day a guy with the name "testcfg" played on the unskill warserver.
Sorry pal but I don't believe in such coincidences :/

What's wrong with that? :(
we got him using wallhack when he was dev.
He said it was a "wrong cfg"

he was rew
[<<] hss

we busted [<<] pjotr too

things dont happen casually...

And bozar left his clan,unskilled, well there must be a reason.
Bozar is idiot but sure he doesnt cheat

Michael , u should admit it.. stop deny in front of evidences...
he is an idiot, ban him
hihi, n1.. hess u should stop defend yourself, you looks very pathetic :)
Nobody gives a shit about your demos, you are just an addition to these morons who got busted :)
mtvm, i admit nothing and ps: bozar was kicked by me....he doesn't leave himself the team :)

and the idiot had bac+11 ph4ge :)
I'm in peace with myself,it is the more important for me, i don't care your advice.

Happy week end to you guys.

++ in war :D
a poland server , where noone knows u, is the perfect place to try cheats, thinkin to be undiscovered...

hss this picture plus our server's picture shows u cheat
all coincidences?
everyone try to make u in trouble?

why u deny?
you have some more evidence? Please post it up!
I dont know him that well but its hard for me to believe that he cheats, but if he cheats like this pbss shows give him the 6month ban from cb. p.s.1 Hope you are right when you say that you dont cheat i will be very disapointed with you hss :(
p.s.2 cheating in a public server is no excuse for using such programs .
Atilla: like i try to say in my precedent post but my eng sux

Why do i cheat for be in spectator?

i'm always in spectator for see my team playing.

Sometimes i play with them ofc but very sometimes and you can ask to them if they think i use cheat. i'm 100% SURE they know that i don't use cheat.

I'm agree that a lot of proofs are versus me, i see that, i'm not idiot like some players say here.
I cant explain why i have this.
I know just that i don't have wall hack or other
I don't have time for play again serious in a skilled team, it is for that i'm only spectator or help them if they realy need me but they are often 6 available so they don't need me.
A lot of player wich i played can say that i don't have cheat.
If this proofs are realy 100% vs me, CB can ban me for 6month, i don't care, i'm not in the Line Up and don'"t have time for play.
I repeat, i'm in peace with myself, It is the most important for me, you can say what you want,i know i don't use cheats.
And i understand with this Pbscreen and pbguid etc that the players are suspicious with me.
iwould be suspicious too if an other player had same proofs.

so now, stop this fucking post, if a player want check a demos about a war i played, i'll send it to him with pleasure,i have all my demos in my computer since i'm back.

Like the proof are versus me, i give the leader to Be4sty for "my" teams doesn't have problem.

MTVM: i denny cause i know that all proofs are versus me and i don't understand what happen cause i don't have cheat.Now stop to borring me mtvm, think i cheat ok i don't care about your life.....i think you can sleep if you think i'm cheater.It will be more easy for me to say i cheat.You already play with me, do you realy think i use cheat?do you see my stat?i play JUST for revive my mate, i don't need WH for do that and you know that it is right cause you see me in war.
Now it is realy my last intervention.
I post just cause iknow Atilla a bit and i don't like that he thinks i use cheat.
Now believe all what you want, it's same for me :)
i'm in peace.
second guy of this clan that gets accused of cheating. Might be more to it than "my sister used cheats and left them on my computer".
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