travel buddy from schipol :)

Hello, so if anyone have a spare place in his/her car i would love to go with you from schipol. my plane arrives at 17.40. :)

pm me here if u got any offers :)

e: otherwise i have to take the fucking train >.<

gl :)
my spelling is so much cooler!
Your argument is valid, from now on i call it schipol to.
I go with Sa7z juA and rayzed at 20:49 with the train ^^
can put you in cocos boot if you like :) xD otherwise u can sit on my lap :*
What day?
walk nerd
walk fat nerd
ethr and me are leaving at schiphol at +- 21.00 :O) you can wait for a while if u want
me and niko are going by train from schiphol, our plane comes 18:10 (thursday), feel free to join us
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