Due to Vagrants' lack of motivation i'm looking for a new team.

About me:

¬ Italian

¬ 22 years old

¬ Able to speak good english

¬ Nice guy

¬ Main class is medic but i can also play engi rifle/smg if needed

¬ I can play everyday from 21:00 after 00:00 except for Saturday

¬ med+ skilled with nerd rage

I'm not interested in:

¬ Random polish / Cheaters

¬ Two weeks projects

¬ Random highskilled noname

I'm just looking for nice guys with decent skill to spend good nights and possibly play the OC.

U can find me at

Waiting for the Ov!e's post.

random pic
GL dude!
"I'm not interested in:

¬ Polish / Cheaters"

GL gypsy-killer :D
Gl sir. Nice guy XD.
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