Need new mouse :)

I know topics like these became boring
but since i really need a new mouse,
For the last time, what mouse should I buy?
Not too expensive necessary.

da + steelseries NP+
+ razer destructor! :P
g5, mx518 or roccat kone
lashesis ;-)
my mx518 is dying, about to buy a new one soon, mx 4ever! had razer and g5, g5 was awesome but mx is more comfortable for my hand
Razer Diamondback, nearly as good as a deathadder and at half the price
<3 deathadder
Tell me more - and i'll help you. What mousepad, what sens do you use etc
DeathAdder or MX518 + Everglide Titan
razer deathadder + steelseries qck+ :)
intellimouse 3.0 + steelseries qck heavy !
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