Splendid need a coder/designer

Splendid-Gaming is in need of an website coder/designer

We want to expand our site to a bigger format, and since we are not able to do it ourselfs, we are in need of an angel who joins our crew and help us out with the site.

We just want someone who can keep our site up to date, with new designs, scripts, data and whatever we need.

  • Enthusiastic
  • Reliable
  • Knowledge in this work
  • Atleast twice a week available

If you are interested or want more info, please contact us asap.

  • PM me here on CrossFire
  • /q spLd|sethos @ #splendid-gaming
  • /q spLd|FireFly @ #splendid-gaming
  • Xfire: firefly1990


Have a good day!
if u pay me it wouldnt be a problem :)
we are searching for a member with those skill that wants to join us, and be a part of the MGC
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