Ronner avi 4 AEF Lan

Since the AEF will feature ET, I'm certainly going and of course it's a lot nicer to play than only to attend. (unless you play at 9 but that's another story ;-)

I'm avi only for people I know. No offense to randoms or unknowns or anything but I simply rather play with people I know.

Find me in #crossfire or

and NO this is not an april fools joke like some of you are suggesting in the comments
Good luck kale <3

pick him up, will do all the engi shit!

Ronner :)
gl :)

cya there!
gl dutchy
gl cu there.
nog bedankt voor het helpen met mn headset @ cic ^^
hehe you almost got me with that one, april fools' on you biatch!
gl baldie
Succes lekkere man!
cu there :D
succes! :)
goed geluk ronnie =)
goed geluk
Succes lekkere bald man!
goodluck old man!
succes gabber
gl ronron
because of the fact all the "nicknames'' for you have already been taken, there's only one thing left: good luck & cu LAN =D
nvm if you dont get it =), good luck!
gl ron

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