Need Team For OC(5on5 Only)

Hi i'm looking for an 5on5 Team.

What u should know over me:
  • Age: 21
  • skill: med/-
  • History: Look on My Profile
  • Class:Fop/Medic
  • Never Cheated.
  • Avi everyday at the afternoon
  • Have Ventserver & Gameservers
  • german/english

What u should offer:
  • Ventrilo/TS-Server(no TS3 i dislike it)
  • got warserver, if not we can take one of mine
  • plz no kidz
  • be active
  • german/english speaking
  • be funny
  • don't be too serious cause of internet


» MSN:
» ICQ: 218066843
» IRC: #minus-gaming
» Crossfire PM: Send Pm
» x-Fire: klommander[/list]
gl, but pusin' my topic down isn't nice at all!:/
omg i hope u can forgive me ....
gl sponsor <3
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