Another member caught!!

The other day i was giving|Jook:> a 1v1 because he was calling me a noob bla bla and because we have a official against them tonight and he thought hed be clever and hack against me.

I knew he was hacking he jus knew WHEREVER i was and was gettin an abnormal amount of headshots :/ i mean im usually reli good at 1v1 but this guy was pwnin me so i took sum shots of him and true to form he was hacking.

Who else out of #Rup hacks? Well never know!

Pb SS[/u]

Notice where i have showed you the last 8 digits of his pb guid... now look at

His full guid is..


Some plz ban this noob... thnk you

[p.s sorry if this busting is a bit crap its my first bust :P]
like i said on my post let them know how much you care, only a post keep your hair on ^^ suck anyway !!!
but yea ban idd
Notice where i have showed you the last 8 digits of his pb guid... now look at

ppl know by now that yawn works by the last 8 digits (with pb_guids)... a "bust" works better if the PBss comes out "Untampered"...
exactly the reason why he putted the yellow bar over it, to not let u know that he editted the image himself :x
lol init idioms getting annoyed over a post, he needs to chill out, he says sort my life out? when hes moaning about a post? lol well tbh was a bit harsh of me, idiom did catch these cheaters, so lets all congratz idiom for his first busting
u no why i got annoyed m00f.... dont start shit stirring... and thnk u x
idd p.s brad has sexy legz
very sexy legz
omfg lmao
and to suA sorry it is my first bust i jus wanted to make sure u all knew lol it will be better next time :(
first : image: reply :)

second : just post the none-edited pics (i believe u can still edit ur original post, and add them...)
nothing wrong with this bust you moron ^^
nothing wrong with this bust?? yea nothing wrong mate but there is one little problem, you busted guy why doesnt HACK! i would say nothing wrong with this fakebust you moron ^^.. Jook is my irl mate and he would never cheat, he doesnt have hacks on hes computer, he even planned to detect nexus cause he hates it everyone started to cheat...

WP sF`Agrippa -nolifer (aka Wolfe #OwnIT) (ex)-cheater
u sir are an idiot!
do yer sen in ffs!
cheatbusters vs nChax
Lal @ efax :P
nice paint! that arrow there.. just painted on the players guid ! always same picture=without helmet, always same position.
they suck with hax too gg
He wants to be picasso :D
Yea hmh i dunno if i should care but i do care if you fake my friend is hacking.. We had 1 or 2 cheaters in clan but they are kicked for cheating!
Guids are faked. What a pathetic attempt.
think wot u want but why the fuck wud i jus randomly do that
Does not matter if they or he cheated or not they are shitty scumbags who play ET when they have done there home work and cleaned their room for mummy.
If we were to ban this guy there is no way we can use forged pbss.
look i dnt care if u ban em or not thats not why i posted this.. i did it so now he will be paranoid about where to use his hack.... he wont use so often now i assume cause people are suspicious... thnk u
WTF these fucking pb ss are real you dumbarse fucks, he hacks, its fucking clearly, would take a fucking pro to use ms paint on a properly drawn soldier, you guys are fucking idiots who think these are fakes, dumb twats
simple, send lunachick the untampered screenie if u have one, but yea they suck anyway so if you get kille dby one of them they have probably purchased a hack
How the fuck these pb ss are real Jook never even played on your gay server. Idd ban them! Btw jook doesnt use 7 for white stupid cunts.. Or d for hes blue.. Thats prolly wolfes own hacks he says he doesnt hack anymore but hes so noob i bet he still hacks lmao
lol you fucking retard, so what IM WOLFE lets moan and whine about it in the next 30 years, get a life, its over, done and dusted, the point is rup are twats, rup spoofd my guid, and are cheaters, and biglol I dont hack you stupid arsehole, when you get proof fucking show it
We already have proof, if thats proof enought that jook cheats then look the other topic there's proofs that you cheat!
o rly, please prove it dick head lol i have never cheated eith name you stupid retard, loook at your fake pbss you think your mr pro go fuck yourself finnish fuck
IF these pbss are authentic, where the fuck is problem just to post the maiden ones ? YES NO PAINT

Dont you get this, you are making total fools out of yourselves....

And if these are fake what recent coments are claiming, then you are one of the most pathetic life-forms beside monads.
k teh mighty god buddha
I know your term is reflected in another sense, but buddha is no god at all ....

And btw, your comments really make you look retarded :<
well looking retarded is better than being retarded.. with your comments >_>
Then please show me the justification that leads to that invalid implication...

But lets stop arguing, we wont catch a common denominator :]
please before you try to guid spoof and get pbss.. make sure its correct tag & colours

thx :)

Finally you retard wolfe figured out we're finnish not dutch..
nice copy of me there..
ive never heard anyone say wolfe as much as you do, EVERYONE knows im wolfe, get over it
lol how old are you if you don't mind me asking, you sound kinda safisticated
go suck a lemon please
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