sF cheaters wtf?

I was playing 1on1 first against Agrippa and then against iDiom and I was thinking : "WTF? I thought sF full of noobs?!" Then I took few pbscreens:


image: agrippacheatggqm4

image: idiomcheatswtfkg3

Guids in Yawn:


why have u edited the pb screens? do u really think they would get banned for that? retarded netcoder
he isnt one of us tbh ;)
well I counted in those who have downloaded your hacks.
*chapljas hax

our hack will come out in few days
I highly doubt thats chapljas hax. those guys got busted for nexus anyway so I believe its nexus.
nexus IS chapljas hax m8
yeah, I had that pointed out @ irc by chaplja himself.. :D

but he isnt selling it for money so.. its quite different than what netcoders are doing.

and I actually like chaplja. he doesnt cheat at pracs, only at public. I'm against every retard who uses cheats in praccs and officials but chaplja is one of my so called "e-friends", I would go out and drink with him if he would visit finland or I would visit croatia.

sry im drunk
no.. u are just stupid... and if u are drunk.. yeeeee LETS SPAM THE FORUMS AND GET BLOODY WASTED!!!
I was here to pick up some more booze and decided to have one drink at home.

it might be that im stupid cuz I didnt know nexus is made by chaplja... or that im not as retarded as ure and start using it in clanwars.. mee oikeesti jo vittuun, turkulainen vitun homon näköne runkkari nolife paska, ei oikeesti jaksa tommosii mitättömyyksiä.
Leet screens.
use that cool crossfire ip tool and check who is this finnish retard named as 'cheatbust' and 'biglol' too
Ooh noez
funny thing is i have a star at the end of my name and look at the server its done on lolol...that was a pathetic attempt dest/snip/9mm whoever u are... btw that means u must hav a hax to spoof my guid... look at the time aswell we jus played official against u rite now and u got our guids. Just because i busted jook hacking WP
thnk u for realisin guys these gays are so childish
nice paint job but personally i would upgrade to atleast paint 2.0 or higher ,,,
paint.net actually is the best one
omg who are ya?
lolol mitkä cfg t !
gotta say, these guys are not the sharpest tools in the shed are they to pull this kinda stunt straight after. i think my little brother would of done a better job and hes 3
lmao iDiom care? pb screenshots dont lie, how the fuck can that be faked? its all proof, live with it, you cheat, Agrippa cheats and im sure that others of your clanmates cheats too...


-- pwnt - pwnt - pwnt --
what a load of crap. Same for the other "I 1v1ed someone and took a couple PB SS, he even posed nicely by standing still!" topic.
I mean look at those screenshots, they are so perfect with the opponent just standing there nicely behind the wall so the wallhack would be obvious. Try harder if you want to frame someone.
I suggest we ban everyone who registered today and made these *busted* topics and/or talked shit in either of these topics.
But why u removed the biggest part of the guids :/
That's because he didn't find the full guid of the people he's trying to frame.
they just angry cuz we owned them on supply attack in 4.56

omg look at the damage!
Lol i know who did it
Just saw him telling it at irc

His name : Takeover - Kake
Clan: #Rup.et
Skill: cheater --> 9000 DG in a 3v3 ;) 107 HS gg asked for demos never sent. + He's busted himself already i tought. Funny though
Look carefully at the blanked out parts of the pb guids and compare it to the pb guids I found for those last 8 digits:




You can see they don't match. Look at the first couple of digits from the guid ending on 7386. The second letter from their real guid is a c, which is a small letter in PB screenshots. On the punkbuster screenshot you can see the second letter can't be a c, because you see a white dot which is from a 'high' letter (f for example).

nP for me.
sherlock? where!
the funiest thign ive ever seen is that if you havnt noticed its taken in warmup LMAO i mean wtf why wud u take it in warmup u dumass and why wud- whoever that is- have his wallhack on at that time... gg nice try but tbh it sounds like sour grapes for losing so badly to us in cb..
Why don't you shut up retard? The screenshots in your topic are as fake. So fuck off please.
chuckie keep ur pants on m8... r u in rup too or sumfin no need to be offensive..
press "Reply" plz
he is just one of the most dedicated "cheatbusters" and he hates cheaters as much, or even more than I do.
shhh :p

This isn't about the cheating, this is about idiocy and hypocrisy.
i fucking lol'ed at rup.et
LOL? funny, I have never cheated with this name, rofl you fucking noobs need to get skill, because we owned you in the offi earlier on, i was at the pub but i came back to find out my clan owned the fuck outta you , and your making fake pbss of us hacking? roflmao, 9mm spoofed my guid, so fuck you rup.et cheaters, you got owned, accept it, idioms pbss arent fake because i looked on ftp and saw for myself, you fucking bullshitters, idiom didny make a fake pb ss, believe that or not, but ive been busting cheaters ever since, and believe me THEY'RE ALL REAL, even made avi's of them, if you guys listen to rup twat heads your a bunch of fool fuckers
sssht u just said u cheated with some other name
lol @ floating guy @ 2nd "pbss" :O
i <3 the paintjob
nah wolfe ur wrong, we didnt do it cause u "owned" us, we did it cause u did it first you fucking gay. Yea if Jook never played in Storm-Force server i really wonder how can they be real.. if you guys listen to storm-force twat heads your a bunch of fool fuckers.

"if you guys listen to rup twat heads your a bunch of fool fuckers" well atleast u have cheated, jook never cheated, how funny u think is that jook never even played on your server?? TWAT !! Pwnt Pwnt Pwnt
:] you sir are a retard, good day.
konffit on ainaki kusiset imo
streetfighters bust3D
like these gimps would be teh tr00 str33tf1ght3rZ
your interview @ sF-radio gave us 10new ET customers :) Thank you
kake you suck with a hax.
get a better one
mind plz we'd beat your so called high+ clan
lol idd you're a retard biglol
and yes im wolfe, so what? yeah i feel bad about the past, done it once, who fucking cares, but people who hold grudges, for a person doing something ONCE only, is really childish, you guys are always like, m00f is wolfe wolfe = agrippa, you always do it, GET A LIFE, least i admit i did it once, but i can assure you, why would i cheat with a different name, you nerds need to relise its only a fucking game, rup clan needs to get a life, go out, meet people get drunk HAVE FUN, if this is your way of living your life then i feel sorry for you, now stfu about this shit, because we all know these are fake, rup GET OVER IT
and btw i dont have red in my name you retard
lol @ changing pbss to other fake ones
sF'Name not sF^Name. fucking retard
dude, we dont, we search mid and over skilled, low for warmup, why do you have to say low all the time
please before you try to guid spoof and get pbss.. make sure its correct tag & colours

thx :)
here 9mm spoofing your guid (Location; Helsinki)

But, Once a Haxer, Always a Haxer


I dont believe that 9mm moved to england to set up you for cheating..

Your the Hacker so stop faking pictures of us kthx.
LOL, funny how 9mm spoofed my guid with wallhack and now theres a nexus warning, just because theres a nexus warning, etmain pk3 doesnt mean i cheat you total dumbshit, #pwnage.et is rup's new channel and clan
etmain pk3 means nothing you complete twat when you get a yawn warning daying *mutli hack* plz show it to everyone you child
Quotehere 9mm spoofing your guid (Location; Helsinki)
(url) [yawn.be]

so u admit 9mm/kake spoofed our guids to frame us for hacking... thnk you for your honesty but its a bit late isnt it. and i dont appreciate u using hackers in cb matches aka kake
m00f more lies and excuses please..
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