Logitech g5/g9 defect.

yeah, same problem, 2 different mice, so its obviously a design flaw, both mice, have run into the problem of a connection problem where the wire connects to the mouse itself, my g9 has been cutting in and out, as if im pulling it out of the usb port and putting it back in (insert perverted comment here lol), mouse is just under a year old, however, b4 i bought the g9, i had a g5, that was 3 months old, it too had the same problem, before u jump to conclusions about how i treat my mice, or how i put the cords, believe me, i treat them like their my children, wires secure to decrease tension on wires as much as humanly possible, and the mice stay on my desk, because i already had this discussion with logitechs customer support, needless to say theyre stupid as shit, so what it boils down to, im looking for a new mouse, price isnt an issue atm, im looking heavily at the Razer Mamba, any other suggestions, pls no mx518s, had one, no thanks.

ty in advance, and since im such an asshole to so many people on here, let the trolling flamers give it their best shot ;D
i mean seriously, i would help you, but i cba reading that block of text >.<
add some breaks every now and then by pressing the enter button
and btw, there are punctuation marks beside the comma, so USE THEM!
and that problem can be fixed! :) there is even a tutorial how to do it..
been there , fixed it
u mean like u hear the bleep from when u insert it then u wont be able to move for like 2 seconds and it bleeps again and u can move again ?

if so i had the same thing with the g3 but that was after 3 years orso
wall of text

didnt read
that can be fixed u idiot ;D...
if u want a new mouse buy the microsoft intelli 3.0 .. such a great mouse :)
I have hard time believing that is one clause.
you should check out the journal/forum euruz made.

You can easily fix that problem.
wall of text

didnt read
wall, of, text, t,l,;,d;r
look up a tutorial on how to open your mouse and fix the wire lots of people have done it before so shouldnt be that hard and since your mouse isnt working anyway it dont matter if you fuck it up but you should be capable of fixing it in 10 or 15 mins maybe less.
will do, usually too impatient to take the time to look for anything like that, but neat, and to everyone else, the enter button is over rated! fuck spaces and commas!!!!!!!!
GO BACK to the roots xD mx518 best
I don't have any problem with my g9, tho' i had to change one that I bought for my brother because it failed hard (laser died), gladly it had warranty and i could change it for another g9 :D.
call logitech help desk. they'll send you a new one
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