deathadder and mousepad

I'm going to buy a mousepad to mine DeathAdder but I have a problem.
Which choose

Everglide Titan
Goliathus Alpha Control
Qpad CT
steelseries qck medium !!
qck+ heavy!
wat's the different point on qck+ or qck heavy?
ok, otherwyse its the same? cauze i bought(i don't know if i write correctly :p) a qck heavy and i was thinking it is more large that qck+... but only thickness is changing?!? and wat's the point of changing the thickness? :<
qck+ heavy is thicker and bigger than qck heavy i think
why did i have payed more that qck+ then? :x
becoz you the fortfy !
320 x 285 mm
too small :D
Goliathus Alpha speed > control
had deathadder with everglide titan monstermat = win.
get an mx518 an throw ur mousepad away...

expensive mice wont push ur skill....
I also am of the same opinion that the price is not the determinant of quality. and does not do me any star but chose because I had previously contact with the DeathAdder so I chose it

in Poland DeathAdder costs 150 PLN is about 35 euros mx518 costs the same ;)
Everglide Titan is nice :)))
i have this one : Qpad CT

but i herd that the razer mantis speed or goliatus is better
first of all i have to say : i prefer the qpad HeatoN (the new mousepad from qpad)
but with a deathadder, the destructor or the exactmat are great otherwise if u prefer a cloth pad, i would say take the qck(i think lil' bit better than goliathus) or goliathus
steelseries np+
wat's the difference with steelseries qck heavy?
le NP+ est plus dur que le heavy mais plus lise qu'un Qpad CT
merci pour l'info!
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