notebook soundcard -> warps


I got the strangest problem. Have Aristo notebook and integrated sound card with universal drivers and everytime ET is playing new sound, I got full-time warp. Most of the sounds are played early in the game, but promotion infos and commentator's notifications such as "first gold crate taken" or "cp constructed", even "30 seconds till the end" warp me strongly for a moment and most times I die stupidly. Tried increasing soundmegs, wavonly 1 and have completely no idea how to fight it. Replacing wave files with empty ones causes ET to crash because of unpure pk3. I heard that it's not only my notebook's problem.

Thanks in advance
is there ASIO drivers for ur card? if so try them, they have a lower latency. maybe it helps
mmh, sounds familar. never got a solution though
asio unavailable, methinks, installed but system doesn't show it in audio properties.
I can't disable the notifications, can I? at leats promotion ones, ffs.
Call Fujitsu!
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