Polling Rate Issue

*Considering ET players are the ultimate placebo freak I thought posting this here would be perfect :D <3*

Quick question,

I'm playing with the latest Deathadder 3500,
on XP with the latest drivers and firmware installed and without any additional mouse fix or anything of that sort.

When using this Mouse movement recorder on my desktop it clearly shows that I have no acceleration which is great (acceleration or deceleration is shown via green and red bars which you will see in the second screenshot). I play at 900 dpi with 500hz and it clearly shows to be at that value when I'm controlling the mouse on the desktop.


The problem is that for what ever reason ( I don't know... ) the polling rate is changing when I load up the game and follow the same procedure.


Im guessing the red and green bars are caused by the fluctuating polling rate, but correct me if I'm wrong. I have LAN in 3 days and I would very much like this issue to be resolved before I face Stevy who clearly has consistent 500 :(:(:((:((:(


Help would be awesome, Thanks
No idea, try rinput.
try to post this in news section too!
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It's probably the "cursor hitting side of screen" -thing.

rinput might fix it, but I personally don't even notice it in-game.
I'd be more concerned about the _shit_ sensor in the Deathadder 3500
The polling rate is not the problem but its the mouse acceleration. As long as the mouse moves as it should you could easily play even with 125 hz.

It seems like the faster you move your mouse the more its speed slows down. Try using 450 DPI instead of 900.
r_finish 0?(or is it in_gpusync in cod4 fuck that castrated game) m_filter 0?

try using rinput http://www.digitalise.net/ (old non-sequental version for cod4) and check if the problem persists
both are at those values by default. and which version should i be downloading for that ?

Been reading into that, and seen you posting. But theres a part:

- COD4, so my googling tells me, does not need a mouse fix, just set the 'Enhance pointer precision' checkbox OFF and you should be good (I could be wrong).

COD4 apparently uses Windows (WM_MOUSEMOVE) to read the mouse and continually calls SetCursorPos() to re-centre the pointer.
This continual pointer reset causes MouseMovementRecorder to malfunction.
Please see my answer to a similar question in post #36 above:
Comment #36 [link]

Try (for debugging only): Decrease your COD4 frame/update rate and MouseMovementRecorder should report good numbers more often.

- H&D2 likely does not need a mouse fix, because it apparently does NOT continually call SetCursorPos() to re-centre the pointer, and so MouseMovementRecorder doesn't get confused.

As a test, apply the 'flatLine.reg' file in the Cheese mouse fix ZIP (same as the 'Test_Flatline.reg' in my ZIP file), reboot or log off, and try H&D2.
If your in-game mouse is completely speed-limited, then you do need a fix when playing H&D2 but if your in-game mouse is normal then you don't need any fix.

So considering that I now know my program is malfunctioning to detect weather its working or not, how can i ensure no accel :Z
QuoteTry (for debugging only): Decrease your COD4 frame/update rate and MouseMovementRecorder should report good numbers more often.

set 125hz 125 fps(or lower) to test if it shows better numbers

just test for accel ingame if you have it or not lol - move slowly from 1 side of the mousepad to another and back fast and you'll see if you have it or not :/ (though afaik new DA skips at 900dpi while being unbeatable at 450)
+ you could always use rinput to completely eliminate accel in most old games.
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ask INSTi
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