Henk on the look...

So since i got more time then i expected i would have at the moment, i want to play OC 5on5 as lineup player. Currently i'm backup for Internet Heroes, and i already have played a match for them (2nd division) so the new team needs to be playing at least 2nd division.

About me: I play prefer to play medic but i can play any smg class on a decent level when needed... I'm 22yo and Dutch and obviously speak English aswell. I got vent and i'm not shy to use it to give comms, i can make time basically every day during the week and on sundays.

You should be nice guys and a bit mature. And as mentioned before i can only play OC 2nd or up.

for more infos or when you wanna try me: pm here or @ #internet.heroes or #bigbeats <3
great player, you should take him:>
gl henkie <3
good luck. nice and cool guy :)
<3 gl Henkie!
Take him, he is a beast
gl mate <3
gl henkie
gl henk <3

nicest guy ever :D
good luck henk, nice player :)
Gl man <3 \o/
Deserves a good team.
gl Henkieeeee ;D
wtf you aint Henkie :-/ Henkie = HNK
gl Henkie !!!!
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