Regular RTCW 6v6 scrim partner(s)

United Kingdom onesoldier is having trouble finding regular scrims.


I know xfire is primarily an et based site but i know a lot of players here have ties to RTCW.

So we need regular scrim buddies for wed,thurs and sundays at approx. 20-22 cet (perhaps later).

What you need:
A copy of rtcw and a legit cdkey (no red shit on yawn pls :x), latest updates (1.41), osp 0.9 and the latest maps used in comp. play.
(If u need links to these i'll can add them later).

What we need:
Ideally we need guys that are prepared to play a couple of maps each time (no 1 map each then disconnect :S - never understood scrims like this) and maybe play lots of rounds on the maps we feel we need most practice on. I don't expect you to just play our map choices only and let us attack/defend when we want (but if u could do that then its smiley faces all around).

**Important** Playing these shooters can be pretty stressful at times but remember the aim of the game is to have fun. I must ask that you don't complain or abuse us while we play :<. We will be practising all aspects of the game which may or may not include nade spam or spawn rape.
If its getting too bad then just mention it politely and we can try another map or change things up a bit.

(saying "MORE SPAM PLZ! K THX! " will result in exaclty that ;) )

If you think u can play us on anyone of these days (sunday in particular!) then feel free to pm me here on xfire or alternatively contact one of our RTCW players on quakenet (chrns,crmbs,juncie,merl,askungen,vix,sharky) #onesoldier.

Failing that just pm an op or spam the main channel and hopefully one of the @s or +s will pass the message on :) (yes you mout).

Think thats everything but anymore general questions feel free to reply.
GL I would play if I actually had a team
What perfo said
getting owned by one.crmbs :D
im evil!
too bad im loooooooow---- in rtcw, and et too ;<
But you're evil, so who cares? ;-) :P
hmz there you got a point!
rtcw merc avi
Mix teams are ok but no FFA / 6 rambos.

#rtcw.wars or #warleagues.rtcw has a lot of idlers or people looking for mercs.
feel free to pm mr.fro!!!!
met wat voor fps speel je dan op ET?
me has it to !

nocti to !

TEAM !!.
me 2...

but perfo kinda h8s me, im a spamming-wnb-kiddy !
ik kan 76 stable fps krijgen op braundorf!!!! met een 3on3 dan
what is the point to play sharky?
A little birdie tells me something happens in april.

p.s Why won't move/v33 play us? The few times we played b4 were good fun so y stop?
If we manage to get 6 we can play ofcourse ;)

And btw, why do you need practice? there arn't any decent clans left anyways =(

If im paying to go to holland i want to win of course :D. I have more respect in the players that are possibly attending (V! @ falx?) than to just turn up with not playing for 3 months and just own them :X.
Plus this is probably going to be the last RTCW games one.soldier will play and I want to go out as close to the top of my game as possible :ROAR:.
gL one.soldier hope u can find some decent opponents :( (smth like impossible)

i would play btw <3
A nice post really and gl with what you're looking for, tho I'd be surprised if someone actually wants to get voluntarily raped constantly :(.
I will try and get together a stable lineup to scrim with oyu guys
can i join ?:D
i wish tosspot would let rtcw die :< but gl sound like nice guys
no time for rtcw sharkeehh
play us !
ye i mean who doesnt like get outspammed by players that cant aim
obviously not you, or you would be playing et
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