Good Designers?

I'm working on a site that has the potential to be well, it could boom so to speak.

I can code pretty well, but I lack design skills to make it look slick and awesome.
What I also lack is enough money to invest in professional designs.

Are there any great designers here on CF that are interested to graphically design the site and/or logo? I can't promise anything nor can I provide you with a fat check atm, but if this booms I can promise you that a fat check will come your way.

At the moment I can not provide information as to what site it will be but if you have some sort of portfolio that I can see and after a talk on irc you will of course be taken into the loop of what it's about.

If you are interested in this, drop me a PM with contact info or find me on quakenet @ #crossfire or

Don't be mad or disappointed if I turn you down as well, because the type of designs and skill and quality I'm after is pretty high. It doesn't necessarily say you suck, it just says that it's not what I'm after.

Post or pm url's here or on irc so that I can see whether or not it's useful to talk business.

I can photoshop a bit, but I'm horrible at making website designs. Gl in your search and with your site though.

(can we guess what kind of site it will be? ~1 beer on T-shirts! :P)
you can guess, but there will most likely not be an answer ;-)
I wanna invest, pm me if you're interested.
I'm only interested in Muhammed-related designwork today.
bold porn is already invented
Im designer but I think not that good as you wish so gl.
Am1go is a pretty cool guy, eh made some good stuff and doesnt afraid of anything
can you show something he made?
I can try, pme me here or /q _samAel @ qnet
you want high quality and free? and no fat checks unless it works?...........
It's called investing. So no, it's not for free.
Still searching?
Still searching?
nope, got someone.
so wat about this website? give the link !
received fat check?
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