need pro player (3on3)

We need a 3rd player to destroy the channel with.

FinlandSungi (engi/medic)
BulgariaMirage (medic)

We are:
-ET players

You must be:
-Med+ or better
-Speak english
-Known (at least to us)

contact Sungi or MirageBG with Cf pm
take Poland niSmO
nice joke.
mirage :) :)
gl, serious players, known and uber skilled, nerds get jealous of us :)
nice hacks !
wasnt that mongol pasted
sorry dont know about pasta or any other italian food
avi !

e: gl mirage :_****
mirage playing with lows, wat?

mirage cmon lets destroy #3o3 with kutsch :<
Mirage :o!? I hope you aren't too spoiled and that you don't remember me from zZz :)
i hardly forget nice guys + times in zZz were the best even through i rejoined the team like 11 times? xD
Mirage (medic)


Are we talking about the guy who's rshook customer?
I think you meant etbot, and not i sold it to another guy, latest ip leak can confirm it, like im gonna give it to killerboy for free just to lick his asshole :), but tbh there should be another auth server database leak just to show when was the last time i was nc customer actually, would be quite surprising for most ppl
dOJA. Mirage ! gl:)
gl sungi
geeällää sungi, :)
noone is as pro as mirage :_DDDDDDDDD
Sungi ota okko :<
btw mirage>tenjou was busted so he is still hacker lol
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