DrugDealers @ AEFLan

After Germany Ramozz & Germany Warlord decided to make a own Team, Italy DrugDealers need Europe 3 people for BelgiumAEF Lan!
We will prac 3 times a week, we wont take it too serious, ofc a little bit (:
You should be 100 % avi to go to the Lan and a funny skilled guy.
Me & Italy SH0ES allready paid the plane...!

More infos; write me a PM here in Crossfire or SH0ES...!
if you pay for me ill go with you ! :)
woo shoes , must be stable team gl !
u know that the lan spots are limited and u might dont even get one :)
really clever to book flights :D
shoes ... :DD
shoes ... :DD
cuz life is about weed right?
I guess you never paid much attention in geography.
ramozz deciding to make new team? so unhaxpected
hahaha fucking nerdhouse
I kill shoes at lans. I hate him. I kill him.
belgians are retarded and pokemon are awesome.

your point being ?
if u pay for me, i can be ur :)
omg shoes.. xD

spaschtn cazzo stott mi zu frogn liabor a crossfire forum mochn nice!
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