cless looking team


Im looking for some stable team.. not new noobies, a team that wont die in 1 week.
im a good guy to play with..can play all classes, fops prefered. around med skil. My aim isnt that good but im a smart guy.

Just pmme :D

Robokiller15 = xfire
Roboo @ irc, but not offten online.

dont comment: gl Robo!! but fucking comment if u want me in team XD
gl Robo!!
dont comment: gl Robo!!

it's like showing a candy to a child and then take it away :D
gl owwwwnurrr
yea yea tnx everyone. Who of u is in a team i can join? x
gl Robo(ciek)!!
GL Poland Robaciek
fuck you then
i heart gM is back robo o.O?
gl Robo!!
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