Stevji v2.0

After antiClimax fold here i go again looking for skilled team:

¤ Italy

¤ 23 years old

¤ playing ET for over 5 years

¤ fluent english

¤ funny and talktive

¤ med+

¤ Mostly medic but also second engi/rifle

NOT interested in:

- random new projects (it could depend on people involved)

- teams with cheaters and random 3o3s owners

- Polish teams

> PROS about me:

1) Rly fast ingame
2) Able to switch due to the game situations
3) Can also lead the actions if needed

> CONS about me:
1) Sometimes whiny :D
2) Getting frustated easily :D
3) Sometimes flamy :D

+ I'm also interested in being backup of some famed team if it brings me more experience

/q Stevji{ @[/img]]random ass
low+ max + med low + max
what a butt :o
wow at picture :o

skill pah :/
pic approved, good luck!
Good luck man! :)
noob D:
ma chi sarà mai sto nuovo fenomeno dal nick sconosciuto?
vieni su wow private server naab
pic approved, good luck!
Quotefluent english


sure thing, mate
great guy, very nice and great player. :D gl gigolo
great pic
gl, just don't let him rifle
u didn't see me in shape! 8D
been against him few times, nice player. :)
not med+ but good player. gl
gl stevji
gl stevji
madona que culo magnifico, gl stefano
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