over and over again...

... just like before

image: notthisshitagain

About me:
- dunno about skill, since nowadays everyone are med+ ( i can handle top clans, np! )
- I have OC 2nd div experience
- already played in this OC ( 3rd div ) so if you are still in game - i cant play in lower one
- Prefer to play rifle but still can play with smg as med/eng
- 22 years old
- Poland Lan avi ( Europe Lans also if u gonna pay for me ;p )
- Poland, United Kingdom, body language user
- have time after 20 cet ( from time to time earlier also )
- brain user and obj man

- prefer mature guys
- decent level of skill and behavior
- no cheaters/ex-cheaters
- playing in OC/ESL Cups, ladders

Call me at irc ( szczurek or szczurek`cless ) or pm here.

best regards
le gl mon ami
nice guy why no1 took him already :<?
im too exhausted to wish you gl anymore.. :D
One more time :D

GL :*:*

PS. Take him ! :D
gl scatman!
gl Szczuro! Myszo Ty moja ;D ;*
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