Summer Cup clan =)

hi ;)

omNibot isn't going to LAN anymore :( so we're parting ways

I was speaking to my friend and we have decided to start a team so.. I'm searching for players to play summer cup!

Division wise.. well i've played premier so and raped (:D) so if players who are good enough show some interest.. why not, but div 2 is more realistic :)

What I need
- rifle, field op and medic who can play engy smg on attack (if not be a fucking good medic)
- active players! :=D
- good comms
- don't be shy to talk to me! im a nice guy 8D

- we will probably play monday tuesday and sunday, possibly wednesday as well
- got a server and vent
- definitely wont fold, im not the type of person to make a team and give up after 2 losses
- expect you to turn up and not to moan if we fuck up

United Kingdom demented
Germany symph or message me here :D or :)
who the fuck is symph?
my friend! who are you? :D
the guy who rolls anything with cheats
i did something wrong, I ment without cheats...sry my fault :/
if you rolled without cheats them why would u bother using a cheat? i dont believe you 8D
believe me !
fucking do it!

edit:i won
no. i replace him.

can't believe u rolled without cheats, sir!
avi as rifle
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