logii for sc


- 18 years old
- can speak United Kingdom and Germany
- low/+ med/-
- somewhat brained
- can play engi - medic
- got a server
-Got a mic, ts3 and vent.
-Active almost everyday between 18:00 and 22:00, some days active before 18:00.
- Never cheated.

-Stable team
- idc about skill
- play Summer Cup
- maybe some ladders or so
- no cheaters

pmme here or on xfire amyy1

image: hot-girls-sexy-girls-89
for that random chick -> GL!
GL :D same skill as me :)
You copied the thread i made for our first recruitment posts, you lazy ass! still love u and a big GL, take him or i'm gonna kick ur ass!
- Never cheated.

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