CamTrace Issues

I am currently running Windows 7 Ultimate 64.
Now, while running CamTrace the program seems to be "cut off" on the right side:

Any ideas? Thanks
drag and make the window bigger?
btw, rg fragmovies are kinda boring imo
No matter if Camtrace is full screen, nor how much i 'drag' the window, it will always be cut off.

And I can't please everyone :p
use shorter demo names :>
Same result with no demo at all.
What I dont understand why only max can make decent cameras. It's so easy, in case your are not a dumbo. I remember days when we had to use radiant, that was the shit :)

Not related to this journal. Btw I dont know your problem.

try to make the camera window smaller at right side, atleast i can move that
I guess you had to release all those corked up emotions some where, heh.

Any way, I cannot move the camera window, I gets its a windows 7 issue.
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