I'm confused--->I play ET@low sens
-Should i INSTALL the setpoint or NOT?
-YES--->OS or SETPOINT implementation
Enable game detection or disable?

500Hz@400dpi seems OK but setpoint gets so much bad comment :S
Any suggestions what are the best settings for this mouse?
No wai :-(
Don't install it!
YES instal it
use razer drivers
yeah install
i would say install it, for me it is pretty usefull
i play with 400dpi also
It depends, if you can change vertical and horizontal settings with it, I would definately recommend it.
how do you do that?
Well, it depends on the driver. I have a Logitech G5, and it comes with a function that allows you to change the Y-axis and X-axis DPI setting separately, so you can have (in my case) 1200 vertical DPI, and 2000 horizontal DPI, which obviously gives me less chance to move my crosshair up or down to much while tracking. But I don't know if the MX518 driver also allows that independent DPI setting, you should check it.
hmm, dosn't work :\
Well, I can't help you either then ;-)
Ask perfo or smth :D
no do not install
ask frenky he will give you a good advice
no use installing it unless you want weird dpis or special bindings ...
I wouldn't.I'd say in "control panel" uncheck "enhanced pointer precision" so you will have no accel, set mouse rate to 1000 with usbmrs 1.1 and DPI to 400; just push the - (on your mouse) twice . default windows sens + ET sens 3 or smth. m_pitch 0.01501 and your good for some nice headshots. gogogo! XD
Mouse - mx518
setpoint installed - yes
configuriert - yes:
dpi: 1600

dont find a reason not to install it
ok but wich implementation to choose then?

-keep mouseaccel ?
-keep mouse speed?

Game detection off
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