I'm in need of a team, not for summercup anymore because that's past (unless some team needs players)

- Can handle med
- I got a decent gamesense I guess
- An aggressive player (which is a con, because I can't really play "patiently" or "calmly" - I'm constantly on move and on defence I tend to check at least two or three different spots constantly and trot around instead of camping like some people do)
- Boring and stupid
- 16y/o tard
- No real past clans, no real activity on Clanbase
- Random noname

- Any skill goes
- Preferably Finlandtards but euros do also because I'm desperate
- Do not be a fucking idiot
good lucks
lucks good
gl Legumuumi
Burneddi = LEgumuumi XDDDDDDDD?
god med skilled player !! take him !! GL
sounds retarded
gl Legumuumi
well tbh u shouldnt go wonder off while defending.. u should camp and push out befor ur spwn to hold the enemy.. well gl
you suck, now gtfo
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