Delayed Write Faliure

Okay so i have a 300gb External HDD for all my "media" and today i was uncompressing some files and got a "Delayed Write Faliure" Message in a bubble by my taskbar.

I went onto Windows Support and changed a few of the suggested settings, however the problem is still occuring. Does anyone know how i can solve this problem - i have never had it before which is why im a bit confused at why its happening now. The HDD is fine for moving files about, its just when im extracting data i have the problem.

Any help would be... helpful!
thats fucked up:P
Splodge bukkake!
i know that problem...
has something to do with delayed writing...
its for sure a very bad thing most likely resulting in data loss or even coruption of the whole partition

you should turn off delayed writing completely but i cant tell you how (google)
ok thanks for the advice arni. I got a new HDD coming in the post just to be safe and backup my data.
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