grafik problems

since today i got grafik problems in ET and dont know where their are coming from:

look @ my gun: there are 3 Stripes. When i look @ other texturs like snow, i see the stripes too.

Windows XP SP2
ATI 9800pro UE (passiv)
1024 SDRAM


i have grafik problems in other games too :/
someone knows how to repair this?

<-- i never got english :(
cheap wallhack.
ask perfo:|
videocard broken/too hot
mm... savage have the same i think...
Nice config.
riecht nach neuer graka
they are called artifacts and you can use them to look thrue thin walls savage says.
2 ATi cards were like that brand new out of the box for me, only bigger and redder.
overclocked? ;D
the chipset on the vid card is burned out = overheated get a new one.....
Clean your case, these stripes are called artifacts, you're vga is too hot. clean it and the artifacts will be gone.
overclocked videocard >> too hot:). It did the same for me... after few mins of playing the game froze for +-10 seconds and then on edges of objects there were transparent pixels :P (something like that savage's pic)
Underclock it/cool it better/get a new videocard. :D
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