#Reborn Needs 2

We are looking for 2 low+ med- players! no ego prick's Oke! , but we like to keep it fun. Be active we need a fops & medic

#Reborn - gaming can offer you:

- server
- ventrilo
- low+ skilled
- fun guys
- ladders & cups once we hav a stable line up

Current lineup;
Ireland ChunkjEe
Scotland r3xjEe
Estonia Fox

/q ChunkjEe or r3x at #Reb0rn
gl guys!
Quoteno ego prick's Oke!

When I needed to merc for you, some guy, don't know exactly who it was, whined because I chose the rifle for 2 seconds last part of the map!

Tho gL Chunkjee :D
take Netherlands Om3ga/H1kokkumori!
Quotetake Om3ga/H1kokkumori!

Just no :(
gl r3xim:)
Gl guys, top guys and nice clan!
gl rex and chunk<33
image: 1236396360607

sup /b/ ?
I think you're at the wrong place
gl SuperChunk !
no random chick,no good luck.
gl lads, wheres Irish?
inactive 4 a bit m8
GL I can merc whenever you want :)

Get Netherlandshayzee!
aviii :D!
Available when you guys reach med skill...
Where is the troll face? ":D"
I don't know, isn't that weird? :dDDDddddDDdddDdD
It is... It creeps me out...



image: 152337_Troll_face_Ill_be_okay_jus
Gl gais ;)
gl Chunk :>
btw wheres Davy man gravy & Irish in the lineup !!
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