Ghostworks (steve)

I was on ghostworks public earlier, Nice pub, Nice people on there

So i was getting team bled by this guy called raz i think, well anyway he kept knifing me in the back till i had like 20hp, done it all the time, so i sent him abusive pms, which anyone woulda done, he muted me on there so i couldnt do nothing, i pmed steve and said can you do something with raz, he keeps team bleeding me n that... no reply, and didn't do nothing about it, so i pmed raz and told him to fuck off and leave me alone, he then told steve and steve done this....

I mean anyone woulda done an abusive pm to a guy who keeps stabbing you in the back all the time, Steve was always playing around with admin powers, I don't like people who abuse them for nothing. so just watch out on ghostworks pub, steve is the only ghostworks member i have a problem with, the others are nice

You with the sF tag? You where being a shit.
(sF`Agrippa) im 19
(sF`Agrippa) grow up
(sF`Agrippa) nerd

irC logZ, ban plx. :{
not stupid if you use your common sense, letting people know mcsteve is an admin abuser so warning people if they go on ghostworks pub
he is just like PHNET admins
Go on GW vent in future, you will find Steve a very nice chap and a VERY GOOD admin.

I think on this occasion that he received the PM's of the other guy and not you and reacted accordingly. He has a very good AC system on his server and is a respected admin at of which he is staff. They run very good Lans 2 times a year and ill slap him at the next one if he was in error :P

Just think you had an unfortunate experience on which you have made a judgement!
"I think on this occasion that he received the PM's of the other guy and not you and reacted accordingly."

Thats not a very good thing to do surely?
yes, he's a very abusive admin. he keeps spawnkilling me all the time. When I trew a nade at him into spawn, he kicked me for the server !!!

Somebody should save us from his tyrany :'(
Like the old Southern preacher said: "Don't do like I do. Do like I say do."

you haven't done a useful post/journal/thread yet, please change your pw and forget it.

ghostworks ownz.
never heard of that pub in my life
your probally already banned
delete your comment, it makes no sense at all.
lol ok m8 ; > you'd have to know about the server to get it rly
why would i get it anyway?
oh noes
my mate BULL3T is on teh serv y0.
better public whore!
why is the wall docz0r D:
i was gonna ask the same thing :|
lol pubnoobs :E
what a post ...
I got koermees with my rnade :D lol
fix up ur profile u gay
ghost server owns <3
I've never had a problem with Ghostworks or the admins :) on the whole the players are good and the admins are friendly <3

all admins but steve, dunno why the lot of you bum fuck that guy, hes nothing special at all, and lol? i dont hack anymore i aint hacked since last year so please get over it you idiots
not really because STORM FORCE DONT HACK
grow up nerd =)
im not the retard because i HAVE never hacked with this name, whens people gonna grow up and relise that, i hacked over 3 months ago, GIVE IT A REST
the admins of this server sucks cock
k, this is just retarded. wolfe (agrippa) you know very well i dont realy have a problem with you, apart from you hacking ofcourse..

and dont try the whole "i got guid hacked" shit, cus that dont sit with me, as it doesnt sit with most people.

McSteve puts ALOT of time and effort into keeping the GW server cheat free and fun to play on, its ALWAYS well admined by McSteve, and ALWAYS will be.

the server has rules, if you break the rules, ull get warmed, do it again, ull get kicked, hardly rocket science here is it.

instead of trying to have a go at McSteve just because you got kicked from his server, (and lets face facts hear, you are hardly going to be missed by 99.9% of the ET players that plays on his server */cry*)
try recognising the bloody hard work he puts in to keep it cheat free.

if you dont know what im talking about, well, ask him to show you his !gw commands :)

leave the guy alone and stop making stupid posts because you threw ur dummy out the pram.
good read.
rez is a wanker
yes he is, see theres another person twho thinks so, and malus

i aint hacked in over 3 monthes when my name was wolfe, i changed to agrippa, you think i'd be stupid enough to chasnge my name and ruin that name too? not a chance, i started a new clan going well and people think i hack still, well you got it wrong, and my clan knows it, you lot should seriously get your facts right i dont cheat anymore, i did before, who hasnt, the point is im telling the truth and if you idiots dont want to believe it then go to hell tbh, i was on ghostworks playing for ages then i got kicked, the next thing i know i cant reconnect because i have*nexus.pk3* in my etmain which is total bullshit bexcause i deleted that 3 monthes ago, so tbh look at you people, still blaming someone for hacking which stopped 3 monthes ago :S grow up ffs
LOL agrippa cant aim now so no hax imo
lol fuck you bradley bear
Did you send abusive pm to raz, rez or whatever it was?
Does server admin must be a children garden keeper?

These were rhetoric questions so avoid answering.
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