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If you zoom in theres you'll see theres a name above the head of the allied player, also he could be behind the wall kinda hard to tell, because hes holding mp40 makes me think hes axis but he could be Allied after picking up MP40.

He has like 2 years of clean yawns.

* Edit :

Updated the PBSS to show name and guid this was takin in an offi against FAMAS so if you have played against them and lost and he played in that match, you should be able to get a forefit win from CB.
hax 4 sho -.--oOO
it's true you can see a name and it might aswell be behind that wall kinda thing...
datz a hax m8
ofc its hax, u can see the name tag above
doesnt work on etpro
you make me lol :D <3 u :>
You are just jealous of my flowing locks, that's all.
the guy is too small to be in front of the box and there is a nametag on top of him.. I dont know why someone would be playing with hax that doesnt have ss spoofer but o well...
screenshot spoofer?
e.g. ssblocker, sschanger
oh really?? :D
stop teasing :(
what does teasing mean
wh dude
wallhack, the guy prolly selfkilled and his body is laying on the edge thingie
tiacru cheats ? :(:(:(
Perfohaisers imo.
ettv bug tbh.
paint skillz?
why do idiots always think pbss are fake?
you just answered yourself
i'm sorry great master of enemy territory it wasnt my intension to make you ungry

I WAS KIDING, IT WAS A JOKE ( jokewannabe :) )
"name above the head of the allied player"

hard to say which one : yawn
last time i schecked no teamnick colors
LOL of the lol, we can see nothing !!! ^^

GG for fake hax. You want to find cheater like Fusen.
your just stupid :< how can you not see the COLOURED NAME ABOVE HIS HEAD.
you are the only blind one here
you are the only blind one here
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i dont see nothing on the screenshot
1. if he was allies why would he aim in the head of his teammate,
crouching, on the 1st level of bunker, instead of going for flag?
if allies have already had flag, then he could prolly check the
guy who was coming this way though.
But then, look at the chair on the right: It has just been broken.
High probability that its the guy, at which tiacru is aiming,
that has shooted to tiacru and has hit the chair.
if its not him who has hit the chair, then it must be someone on left,
on the hill, but then, attackers must be in higher number than one or two,
so tiacru is definitely defender. and tiacru didnt hit that chair.
he had no time for that since he was aiming at the allie guy.

2. your teammate's name is not coloured (unless you paint it on your screen).

3. none of the nicks in DouD's link are correspnding with what
he can see on the screen. the letters are hardly visible,
but you can agree that its black 3 or 4 letter word with
something bright (white or smth) star or plus or some other sign.
first letter is h,k,b or other such letter.
last letter is g,j,p or smth like that.

with all not known answers
i think that this coloured name means enough...
Fake Fake Fake Fake screen

have you a other screen?

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