LF CoD 2 Team

Since et is getting booring i decided to play more cod2^^
is there any low skilled team in need of a player or wanna have some fun, laughing about me in a war, cause of my suckage, pm me :;D
i would definitely be up for some cod2 mixes
Me too, lets go.
add me xfire: gosudiablo!!!
No teams here, sadly. It's been a while since I last played the game tho, I bet I'd be sick tho.
Don't waste your time on it , too many thirdie hackers !
who cares, its just for fun, i guess we could have a lot of laughs by stupid actions xD thats what im searching forxD
Well that's exactly the problem . I too went back to cod2 several times cuz it's such a great game , but the fun soon stops when you start to encounter cheaters , lamers and ppl with the mentality of 12 year olds ....

If only there was this uber anti-cheat , ppl would deffo move back to it :)
When you're playing with guys such as myself mini and meez, cheaters don't become a problem.

Cause i'm best scope in yurop, mini owns, and meez, well, cheats.
gimme a knife and u get backstaped
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