weird router problems

Got this weird problem with my internet. When I have my modem and router setup, my inet doesnt work. Then when I reboot my router, the internet works for approximately 10 seconds or so, and then drops again.

Now the weird thing is, if I remove my router and connect my pc directly to the modem, the internet works fine. This means the problem must be in my router. Now the major problem is, I can't change any router settings cuz I only have internet for about 10 seconds when I have it connected.

Now this problem has been occuring since this morning, and after hours of searching I still haven't got a solution, HALP PLZ!!

My router: Belkin F6D4230
get new router
you dont need to be on the internet to change router settings you can connect to it locally using your web browser using its ip address and the right user/pass ...
hmm, for me the only way to get into my router is by entering my gateway in the adress bar, when I enter my IP it doesn't work.

And the shitty thing about that is that my gateway only shows up / works (wrote it down) when I'm online -.-'

edit: but if you have any ideas on how I still could get in my router without being online, please let me know! ;)
err ok so get connected and do ipconfig /all in command prompt
the default gateway should be your routers internal address and you shouldn't need to be online to connect to it, if you cant navigate to that in your browser or ping it i guess you might want to try disabling dhcp on your computer and manually assign the local address?

e: that is manually assign the ipv4 address that your computers network card should use
K, so I've tried this now, and exactly the same. The first few seconds I can enter my router through the gateway, but after a few seconds the whole thing just drops. Can't acces inet, can't even get into my router.

It keeps sending a packet once in a while though (when I check my connection at the network panel), so it must have a connection or smth.
seems like your router is broken, normaly your router assigns you an IP adress, if you didn't change anything and it stopped giving u the IP adress it's probably dead.

last try can be hit the reset button on the router, if it still doesn't work it's dead.
thats assuming dhcp is enabled on both sides and tbh you don't need it, in fact for gaming its usually better to manually assign a static internal address so you can run dmz/port forwarding and know itll always be applied!
true, have it here, but dmz/port forwarding isn't needed anymore on a decent router. Everything works fine here with a simple linksys router. But I just like static IP's so I can always turn of every other PC without having to look into the router for the IP address, hate it when people start downloading porn when I'm gaming.

but I think his dead router is dead, it doesn't change settings by itself or it has been hacked which almost never happens. Or he just annoyed some IT nerd which is now taking his revenge :P
hmm, weird, this router is just new and as this is my mom's house, they havent changed anything and aren't rly intensive inet users.

It does assign everything (ip, gateway, subnet, etc..) when I connect it, but then when I start using the internet it immediately stops working. Then when I check the list then it only assigns an ip and subnetmask, and it stops at gateway.

Rly haven't got the slightest clue what this could be :S
do you have the big house on your own by now btw? (think it was you, correct me if im wrong)
Big house :D Well, the house I MIGHT have been able to get if I wanted to, wasn't as big as you probably think (a onefloor flat appartment). And no, I'm just living in a student room now :>
ye, been some time since u last talked about it ;D
well assuming its the same problem on more than one machine, you might want to try updating the router's firmware?

also have you tried switching out ethernet cables + ports ?
I had that problem also, try moving ur router to a different place. My router was giving problems next to the TV, moved it 1 meter and everything worked fine. (wireless though, cabled devices worked fine before)
you're epic! it was idd next to the tv, moved it away and now everything works fine! weird though that it also affected the cabled connections. nevertheless, thanks!
:DD wtf

your tv must need a tin foil hat
cheers to you to by the way!

and eh, not exactly ;) my mom's got a decent tv, I guess the wireless built in it screwed the router up or smth.
haha, glad I could help.
It's wierd that TV's can have such big effect on the router signal, but from now on be careful with the TV ;)
get PC you old bastard
quit inet life
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