Emerica 'n Destiny

I was supposed to make this movie but I got tired of it after a month or two :X.
So here's the 1:27 min i got of it.
Btw, I started workin on it ~1.5 years ago so it might be missing some new moviemaking stuff.
Constructive feedback is always welcomed.
DL it, dont stream it.


nice, needs popups though
I usually place the pop-ups at the end... which is a phase I couldn't achieve in this movie :D
Excuse me sir, but what's a pop-up? I thought it was a boring advert that "pops up" on your face on gay pages on the Internet.

E: Oh, I figure you mean those ET notifications about kills and such.. I wonder how can one place those "in the end"?
need popups on that first frag :D
he killed the almighty kurde-fING??? this shit is fake...
really nice imo :)
how come this is the first time i see it and its from 2008 not 2009 :p

lamed oti lauf muhi
hehe, at least you've seen some pics/tests which, btw I still have on my pc ;D
not bad at all !
needs kills-counter or something
Emerica.EE or ?
eee on ka emerica.fi olemas ex
mix sa siis sherlock talle ütlesid
wtf benzy ata lo zam?
ma ze kashur? Mutar lafil hashmal ze lo shabat..
Emerica is still alive?
noticed a wh at the end ;)

why not just finish
Well, this movie seemed exactly like my previews one, i didn't like the idea of makin the same movie with different content.
Besides, I had no free time back then, and their frags couldn't setisfy me :O
yafa ahi
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