craz looking for a team

yo xfire ppl,

since i didn't found a friendly & stable 6on6 team, i'm posting some infos about me here.

From France France
Able to speak a decent United Kingdom english / France french (nothing else)
Avi ~evrydays till 19h untill 00.00
Looking for a real med skilled or higher (i really want to improve my skill)
Able to play medic/fops/eng smg, sometimes penzer
More teamplayer than aimer
really cool & friendly
very stable
very sexy
no whinner
a lot of times very stoned

for my clanhist look at my profile

If you want more infos, you can find me at :


(no i don't eat frogs)
GL french noob
nice and sexeh boy :)
GL , nice guy take him
gl craz you sexy BASTERD !
gl mate, good player and a friendly guy.
Marquess - El Temperamento.mp3
ex m0et player , et tu te dit highskilled? low max imo et ça restera ;)
va jouer avc des bots toi.
rqmbo tg newbie
gl craz <3 <3
il a pas dit high , il a dit med or higher
Ensuite rqmbo med+ ? meme en cheatant tu te mange 3 hs luger by Seth gueko !!!!
gl craz :o) tu le vaux bien ;>
very nice player and friend

<3 you craz yours fuxor ; D
gl craz nice & friendly guy
On va te buster bientôt craz profite :p
good luck mr nice guy
good luck mr. uknown
gl craz :) great guy :)
Gl craz, someone take this guy!! :D ?

Il cherche une team med, il a pas dit qu'il l'était, nuance.

sinon gl coupaing
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