Germany penduluM is in need of some Players

+ What we need +

- low-med skilled Players
- Rifler
- Skilled Medic (no rambo shit, we already got one)
- active
- nice guy
- Germany would be perfect, if England it's okay too

- What you can expect from us -

- low+/med skilled
- stable Team
- Gameserver & Voiceserver (coming)
- active
- nice guys

Interessed? Just pm me.
GL I am avi
Nicely copied from band of Pendulum , and team of Pendum.....

no random chick, no good luck.
By looking recently topics of mine, you would know its a inactive hosting company. :)

not an ET team yet. and probably never will be, but still totally copied from the band , a bit of editing would be nice .
must be a skilled hosting company
Must be something wrong with your ability to read text "you would know its a inactive hosting company. :)"

I can translate it into ESTONIAN if it gonna bring you problems to read it as english.

and to clarify , its "DEAD" company, I removed the details of it.
Pendulum is just a word...
what is the problem when I copy a word!
No team has that name, no team has that Tag... so where's your problem?
Never heard from a Band called Pendulum...
We took this name because it sounds good and it has also a meaning...
Deal with it, or leave it!
I deal it :) but im sure its still copied out of the band .

but as I said, no random chick, no good luck.
nice copy name
lineup? :o
gl anyways
no tits no gl
dude ... :D:D::D

your style is totally shit :'D

girl board ... seiorusly ...! :'D
Pendulum - blood sugar
how active ?
A few Scrims nearly every day...
Training and Liga are planned!
plah, too active for me :D
but /q mAhlasd or mAhla if ya need merc sometime !
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