Hello all,

I'm trying to build up a Benelux rtcw-team that plays on friday nights only. This way et-players can still keep their regular schedules etc.

For now it's only Belgium me & verry maybe Netherlands lavOd but I had no confirmation about this from him yet.

So if you're interested to have some fun on friday nights without playing baserace over at #baserace.nl you can always pm me in #team-core.et or #team-core.rtcw.

Finding matches for the friday night won't be a problem as we have the funteam of artan & ankiie to fight (#semapi) and we might participate in next seasons warleagues-cup if timing etc fit everybody.

I will have a server at disposal. Found a sponsor for it already. And a ventrilo-server will not be a problem too!

So if you are interested. Give me a call.

Grtz, psy
i'm interested, contact me
i could play :o)
I'm also interested!! if you tell me what patch etc I need I play with you guys :) (I got working cd-key)
I would be interested but I am not BE or NL. 8(
selling rtcw cd key 10 euros
i can get a new one (cd etc) for 10€ ... NEW...
but i provide 24 hour service and you get it within 5 sec
jajajaj :D
we gonna play tonight are you in ?

In Loekino langue: Wii ar gånna paly tonite u in ?
lavod 'wants to play everywhere-.-'
Im not Belgium or Netherlands


Whats the latest patches anyway?
1.41b & osp 0.9
i can play if you want
I think it's a rly nice undertaking to have fun with the good old rtcw...
Have fun!
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