#addic recruiting

Finally after I talked with my team I decided that we want to add another player to our lineup. Some players already asked me for a trial, but at that moment we were full. Now we have a free spot for someone who is interesting in joining us.

Poland slwmotion
Poland Estaloth
Slovenia sky
Slovenia Meth
Estonia indu
Ireland HerBaL
Netherlands NxM
Croatia Komar
Slovenia energ1e
Netherlands Treaver
Belgium Xeus

- Skilled
- Active (At least Sun-Thu)
- Medic
- 16 Years or Older

What we don't want:
- Clanhoppers
- Whiners
- Rambo's

We're playing every day at the moment, so very active. We're participating in the NxM 6o6 Cup, 2nd division and the OC 6v6 playoffs, 3rd league.

If you're interested to join, msg NxM on #addic for a trial, I might reject people before it -,-!

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