30 fps funsies

Evening CF,

Havent played ET since like 06/07 and thought i'd load it up and have a whirl just for funsies.

As this game is older than alot of new schoolers are i thought my laptop would run it fine..clearly not.

My spec is:-

Intel Core2 duo T5800 @ 2ghz
Geforce 9200M GE with up to date drivers
3GB of ram.
Vista 32bit home premium

With this i get like 30fps everywhere with ugly settings. What the hell is up with that?

I know its a laptop not designed n its not great but ET is like 7 years old ffs..i can play more modern games with much higher requirements with much better fps..

My old desktop which was stable 125 fps on all maps was

1GB Ram
3.2ghz P4
crap 256mb gpu

and it ran like a dream.

What has happened that means i can't play ET with even 76 fps? 30 is just too low and laggy.Just wanna waste some time playing ET and i can't even do that..maybe i should go do something productive.

All helps appreciated.
I feel your pain
I feel your pain too.
oot niap ruoy leef I
try a low detailed cfg, and set ET on high priority.
ET can only run on one core btw :)
my laptop is worse and i have 50-90 fps o.0
maxfps set at 30? :D running fraps in the background? lolz
QuoteAs this game is older than alot of new schoolers are
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Try setting /com_maxfps to a higher value? :P

But seriously, sounds like a virus...Might be worth checking your disk for errors and defrag it while you're at it.
With those spec's you shouldn't have any kind of problems with fps.
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