awesome backup or even main lineup

hiiiii! :) since university will be starting soon (i'm not going, my girlfriend is tho :o) i will have time to play some ET during the week(give me the days and I'll be able to tell my friends/gf when i can/can't see them!) here's some info:

I am
a pretty good player to have as a back up.. personally i feel I can play every class pretty effectivley having played this game a long time and played in several teams, undertaking different roles in each
skilled.. i guess the highest i've played is OC prem and didn't do too badly actually
LAN Avi (Proofed? I played at CC7 but I don't really know if you could say I played well.. :p)
experienced (played in warring clans since 2003, and played rtcw before :p)
the owner of a good headset!
a teamplayer, definitely
not a cheater

basically, i would really like to play OC prem again, it was a lot of fun and tbh this might seem a bit cliche but i know i havent reached my "full potential" give me a chance in a decent team and if i dont play well.. then i wont search this high again. =)

2nd league is fine too xD

any offers? =F msg me or reply here or xfire me: m2odement3d

are you gonna work at gasstation?
no D: going to travel next year, my mum wants me to join the navy, then im prolly gonna join the police, donno if im gonna join the navy tho!
ok hf with that

stereotyped you cuz i have seen too many gasstation workers from uk here in estonia doing bollox and you said that youre not going to uni . so.
Police? You fucking grass

Snitches get stitches, Fuck the police,.
good luck, great guy, take him!
he's also got an awesome thumb.
gl!! :DD
GL MAN <333333 you deserve the best
/q Wakizashi
gl dem!
Good luck dave <3
greets from Conquery :DD
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