mistaken avi

to play et!

from usa
med skilled as a rifle, lowbob with an smg
ping is not a problem, neither is time
active whenever practices are

english speaking
low+ at the least

contact- here or on xfire- andrew91792
I don't really get how a med rifle isn't at least low+/med- with smg. GL anyway, I am just too conservative. :)
there is a lil difference between jumping straight into ppl and kill them with the garand and strafe left/right and shoot with the smg
1. There are often situations where a rifle picks medic because his weapon is useless in the current stage e.g. many teams do it on defending the 2nd stage of radar after the enemy already has cp.

2. If you only attack head on all the time without strafing even a little bit, then sorry, but you can't be a med rifle, because you have to be full all the time to avoid situations where an enemy pushout catches you.

3. Sometimes you get into situations where you have to luger -> you get aim, especially head aim since from most rifles when they get into luger situations (because they have a loaded rnade but not enough charge or don't want to waste it on 1 man) then they try to do some dmg but leave the kill to others

4. General tactics and gamesense is more important than aim to me

5. I started with my rifle at low- and we went together to med-, and yes his smg skills did also increase though he only played rifle.

but as I said I'm maybe just too conservative :)
I was just pointing out one of the most important points (for me) between rifle and smg.

Everytime I switch to rifle, I'm completly changing my gamestyle.
Ofc I'm strafing and stuff but thats the most important point imo...
True, but I think that when you're med with rifle you have to have some basic skill with SMG just out of what you learn from rifling already

Same goes for me, I'm a med- smg and haven't played rifle much, but I can keep up with riflers from my skill level.
I do. but I just came back to et and i havent played an smg aside from 2 or 3 3on3's. :D It was more of a joke referencing low+ than low---.. :o oh well. must have been a difference between american and polish humor? :o
I'm german, don't call me polish. ;) Nono I didn't mean to offend you at all I just found it a bit curious, so don't take me seirously <:
sorry :D I saw the polish flag and didnt click on the profile. yeah, I'm not TERRIBLE with an smg, but compared to the people on the team I'll be a lot worse than them, yeah? and in my eyes I'm always bad with an smg because I know I'd be doing better with a rifle.
I know the feeling ;) Good luck mate, I hope someone decent picks you up. But don't go for any of vAtu's teams, they don't hold longer than two weeks, it's something you missed the passed 6 months. ^^
gl mistaken
good player and a solid pickup :)
I remember you as a little whiner but gl ;)
Only negative point is USA.
good and stable player though.
Amazing rifle
play with this champ everyday
gets close to my damage

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