Moviemaker available (w3DE)

Hi crossies,

I'm still on holiday but I've decided that I'll start searching another project which I'll do when I'll get back home. So from now on I'm searching a player to make a fragmovie for. This time I want to make a short movie - Not more than 3-5minutes of frags.

I'm searching a really skilled aimer who has a fast paced frags - I'd like to put a d'n'b song this time so I'm in need of some really nice fast frags.

I'll not search frags in your demo so you need to give me already sorted demos(map, time, opponent, how many frags and with what weapon) like for example grush_1_50_FF_3MANKILL_SMG.dm_84

What can I say about me,

I'm pretty experienced, motivated and patient enough to finish the project, I've got some cool ideas and quality.

Like I said I'm still on holiday (till 21th of August) so I don't have my mIRC and my bnc info here so leave me a message here(via pm)

My previous projects:

Unfiinshed: Polish Community Movie!

Nice quality!
GL, skilled guy!
good luck with finding a project that is worthy your editing skills. :)

i am really looking forward to that project! =)
vagggi vaggi vaggi <333
EVAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! <333
XyLoS Movie 2? : D
Wow :-) Thanks!
nie popusc tylko!
betatesterem bedziesz korwa
just the truth in my eyes ;)
Well I'm happy because I was a big fan of ET Allstars in the past :P
hehe ^^ honors me. :)

edit: really enjoyed your SPAMTASTIC.
Nice to hear that ^^
xylos gonna have new movie ? :P
i realy looking forward to see that
its been 4 years since i made his movie i wonder if the new one will be better ;D
lol you're so totally available to make a new movie
What kind of movies is he making?
ET movies lol, so exciting.
ps: he will use a d'n'b song in it, isn't that cute?:$$$
I'm getting my rope already
You mean this?
grimey nerd :$
gl wede ( :
What about an RTCW/ET combo movie?
Sickest moviemaker around, deserves ECNCTOPPLAYER's demos.
should make me one :D
gl finding
I have a lot of demos. Just message me if you are interested.
Just message me if you are interested.
Sorry, too low, he works only with high skillers.

And yes, I'm one of them.
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