engy smg aviiii!

hiiiii! :) since university will be starting soon (i'm not going, my girlfriend is tho :o) i will have time to play some ET during the week(give me the days and I'll be able to tell my friends/gf when i can/can't see them!) here's some info:

I am
a pretty good player to have as a back up.. personally i feel I can play every class pretty effectivley having played this game a long time and played in several teams, undertaking different roles in each
skilled.. i guess the highest i've played is OC prem and didn't do too badly actually
LAN Avi (Proofed? I played at CC7 but I don't really know if you could say I played well.. :p)
experienced (played in warring clans since 2003, and played rtcw before :p)
the owner of a good headset!
a teamplayer, definitely
not a cheater

basically, i would really like to play OC prem again, it was a lot of fun and tbh this might seem a bit cliche but i know i havent reached my "full potential" give me a chance in a decent team and if i dont play well.. then i wont search this high again. =)

2nd league is fine too xD

any offers? =F msg me or reply here or xfire me: m2odement3d

good luck old fuel dump 24/7 friend :p
lol, my cousin used to use hacks on that server =D
What an epic server though
was a lot of fun xd
night and winghaven are searching, ask them, topic below
Gl pwner <3
gl mate, oc prem worthy without a doubt ! ;D
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