Sheep's Movie

I am looking for someone to possibly start working on a frag-movie for me! I have only recently started looking through my recordings and collecting the frags so not many at the moment - but I do have 3 weeks remaining of my work holiday so plenty of time to syphon through :)

What you can expect is a mixture of:

- Poor aim frags (majority of them)
- Awesome aim frags (not many, but believe it or not, some!)
- Grenade frags (spam spam spam!)
- Airstrike / Support fire frags
- Landmine (guaranteed) and sometimes dynamite frags!
- Variety of maps (even Karsiah!)

So I'm guessing you need to be an experimental type of movie-maker and are willing to use a variety of cameras and point of views and other random (yet effective) stuff to make me look amazing rather than a lame-ass spam whore!

You can find me in #two4two with the nick Sheep or Sheep` or Sheep`` or two42-Sheep :D

PS. Here are a few tests from other movie makersfrom a few years back ->

By Switzerland Puu - Download - some random ownage aimness, very rare!
By Sweden alexL - Download - field op skillz
By Germany Nohitz - Download - was a "trailer" for my prev. movie maker
By Germany Nohitz - Download #2 - allstars match winning rifle! ;D
gl searching
/q Lawliet
ask Slarti
lammas, pls :)
gl, looking forward to it!
gl sheep <3 !
That rifle ....
... absolutely sensational

hope u find a decent 1 , maybe Poland cymky , he made my vids [watch my profile]
actually, contact wede (wedeus on crossfire)

watch his newest movie and I'm sure you will like it:
song of the rifleshot clip?
looking forward to see your movie :)
Lammas The Movie!
Scope teeb ära
gut lack Michael <3
ask matan. he is good at anything.
I can do this like my style.
gl sheep, you're a nice guy.
There must be old frags , so cant wait :)
sethos is busy with someone else's movie (a)
gL, You always are a nice guy on cf :p
GL sheep :DDDD

i want to see this movie sooooooo muchh ! :P
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