Bad fps


I have bad fps problems, Sometimes i lag like hell for 2 minutes then goes back to normal, my main fps is 80 :/ and mostly lower, depends on the map, Is there anyway i can get better fps? Might be the graphics card or something i dunno yet. I close pretty much everything im using except merc n msn sometimes, do they cause bad fps?

thank you
i have the same problem!
close msn for a start, mirc doesn't use all that much resource wise.
have a look at taskmanager while u got those lags?!?
get fraps whoooiii im ze FRAPS man;o
76fps is good to aim
you need a minimum of 32 fps for every bullet to register.
so thats why i sucked with my old pc and 30 fps
i play good on radar where i get 26 fps, so cant be true :D.
i'm pretty sure it's 32 fps and above, and 150 or 130 ping and below for smooth gaming. i get 25 fps on radar and everything is like it's in slow motion :P
AH I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT! :D Sometimes I lag so much (on grush or radar) it seems like my bullets just don't hit, but they just dont register aaaah!
the usual, scan for viruses n stuff. You could use rivatuner to tweak a bit, just remember to keep the lodbias normal ;)
take my cfg! every one who is using it told me that his laags are gone
buy new pc.
/com_maxfps 76 retard O.o
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