#moine.et Zad' busted!

gut gemacht!
i heard ppl can see trough walls with wallhack
nooooo .. it is my paintSKILL :S
no serious, ppl can see trough walls with wallhack
little birdie told me that once
ah ok <3 thx for info
ahhhahah :)))))))))
I played with him when those screens were taken :x.

i havent seen anything :x.
xd too much low skilled french cheaters
Oui mon biquet.
trop fort Dlp.
Désolé dlp, rien de personnel, pareil à hdp, etc...
Bye bye ET, bye bye Crossfire i never used.
you re so lucky, he did something like 5000words answer on the french forum. with all the philosophical sentences he learned in last day class. all so full of shit idd.
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