Havent played basically at all for last 3-5months or so but now I have some time I guess so would be cool to play in clan..

My inet will hopefully work tomorrow so after that I think I can play 3 evenings @ week and you can mostly decide when those will be (but not friday/saturday) If you play only 1-2 times its fine also

Every class is fine
21 yrs old
Not high expectations but team with stable lu or new project with some players I know is enough
Dont care about div but OC would be cool
Can join your team with magico, very good mates =))

contact here or join #nugis&tukis
gl tukis :)
gl tukis :o)

nice and skilled guy
nice post Finlandcan write very nice posts
gl my 2o2 mate
tukis you're gay! hehe, gl
2 fags 1 clan
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