in search of a new team

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As our 2nd Squad "hakuNa" got dropped out because of motivation problems, we are in need of a replacement.

We are looking for:

  • stable med skill or better
  • a motivated team
  • loyal players
  • around 17+, be mature
  • no need for 2 week kids
  • non cheater
  • Europe or Germany we don't care =)

We can offer you:

  • War server
  • BNC's
  • Ventrilo 2.1.4 (later this week finaly 3.0)
  • Homepage
  • maybe some nice tax if needed

If you are interested - just pm me here or leave a comment.

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11 /q mKs
-no need for 2 week kids

wars schonmal anders bei dir / euch ?? :DDDDDDD
Ich kann nichts für die motivationsprobleme die andere haben, zu deiner Frage, mein letztes Team hat ca 1,5 Jahre zusammen gespielt. Dazu besteht eF seit 6 Jahren.
Parent /q sENSA` or /q retro`
join back idle :o
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