lio for ems

looking for a team to play ems with, can be avi about 3 days a week. pm me here
get overload back!gl
get overload back!gl
veel geluk
why not cb ec? :0
veel geluk biest :D
gl lio :)
gl lioco
gud luck lieven
fuck off cheater
gl, needs a strong .be team besides Aero
good luck
make a team with vila & zeto (are they ems banned?)

gl :-p
:D asshole

cu tonight @ nexus, but plz stop stealing my highest fragger award :'(
wont be there tonight!

eating out, my parents invited me. (:

edit: maybe afterwards though :p
sweet, ill have build up lvl 4 fops by then. ez bash for me!
level 4 fops. lol thats 1 map dude! :D
GL cancer
cheater burn in hell
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