New mouse?


I've to buy a new mouse but I hesitate between a G5 Logitech or a Razer Deathadder (I had a fucking unknown mouse before)

Which is better?

the 1 in the midle
Razer Deathadder ! :)
G5, razor mouses break down quick or stop working for unknown reasons
I'd say the exact opposite.
Yep, just like the Diamondback 3G I've now been using for over three years without any problems.
He's trolling. He said razor not Razer. TROLLED HARD
so G5 :)
deathadder way better
buy them both, disassemble them and reassemble them together into a new mouse
buy both :D you will need em :D

i bought a mx518 together with a deathadder, and i like deathadder WAY more.

had a razer diamondback 3G before, even that one i think is better than logitech.

but both are great mice ofc... cannot go wrong with any of those!
girls mouse is the best
Id say deathadder.....why? because it can go over to 1000 hz rate stable and also because of the new "no drift" updater thingy ( its a driver update - see more on razer sites )......i have a mx 518 and a G9 but still deathadder is more accurate( for many reasons - im too lazy to write them here ) - of all the optical mice deathadder still remains the best ( ofc optical is way better than laser)
steelseries ikari optical > DA
dunno about steelseries...dont have one - but deathadder i have and i tested it for 2 years or even more.....compared it to G9 and mx 518....the more complicated the mouse ( or its driver) is the harder is to set it right and find a proper sens
i had been using mx518 for almost 3 years, no drivers needed, rly awesome mouse (I hate the shape of DA so i have never rly played with one + it tends to break). Now i have ikari, and its also awesome :)
My deathadder works perfect even after 2 years or problem with mx 518 is that it doesnt have ( nor supports ! ) higher mouse rate than 125 hz comes with 125 hz default rate ( in driver u cant change it ) and u have to use OC programs which can give u ( at their best !! ) 250 hz .....when i say "250 hz" i mean STABLE 250 hz - you can set it to 500 hz but if u check it ull see u have around 300-400 or 480 at its best( if you really use fast movements) so its not stable enough - deathadder has it capped to 500 hz and even if you put it to 1000 hz you still have 900 pretty i guess stabillity is a great issues especially when you play ET right?
i have never had any problem reaching 500hz with mx518. And ofcource it wont have 500hz stable unless u will move ur mouse like a mad man, but once u do some slow moves it will lower hz to value not necessarily equal to 500, not because it cant but just because it doesnt have to refresh it so often.
Exactly thats the problem ! My deathadder at med speed moves has it capped to 499-500 hz......really really slow movements cant get it below 400 - 350 at least.....i have never achied even 480 hz with mx 518 even moving like a mad man as you said...and ingame i always have a weird feeling of "delay" with mx 518 ; have the same feeling with deathadder but not so intense - checked it with mouse movement recorder ingame and discovered a mx 518 that was not transmitting 1-to-1 and also peak rate of 220 hz ( with average of 146hz , drops even to 13 hz :( ) and a deathadder with a good 1-to-1 transmission ; a 380 hz peak rate ingame and an average of 260 hz without dropping below 130 hz.....i got really mad because of this and quitted ET! returned to RTCW for a while....
perhaps u had somehow damaged mx518 because I had only once the delay between mouse and screen, and after all it turned out that I just forgot to switch my gfx to normal mode and I was playing with 8x AA, 16x AF etc :)
Dunno about that.....i bought the mx 518 about a year ago ( i got it new !)- the new version (1800 dpi the older i hear it has 1600 dpi ) and i was very thrilled about it ( been reading a lot of good things about it on crossfire ) but when i played with it.....sad of the delay ( tryed many settings , drivers or no drivers , different sens and dpi , patches ,etc ) it has....but the biggest dissapointment i have is from G9 - major MAJOR lag and pc is quite decent -125 fps no problem but....with a shit 4850 ATI video card ( ATI really sux , nvidia is best for gaming ).....
actually, I have 4850 too (toxis version), i have always hated nvidia, dunno why :D and atm I would say that ATI is a bit ahead
about that mx518, its kinda clear mine is old one with 1600 dpi, they could have been chaging some specs, but even with 125hz i didnt feel any kind of delay, only neg accell while doing crazy turns
EDIT: the only thing about ATI which has always been pain in the ass are drivers
You`re right about the ATi drivers ....thats one of the problems - you cant play properly a game ( ET for example ) if you dont downgrade ( this is really hillarious right? downgrade .....) to a lower driver version ( 10.6 )....if you take a look at reviews youll see that nvidia`s performance in games is pretty stable ( in all games has the aprox same score ) while ATI in some games may behave better but in others is completly down.....moreover for ATI , its totaly dependent on resolutions - its score and the way it moves completly depends on resolutions (for ATI the higher the resolution is the better , many monitors dont support such resolutions at decent refresh rate = problem) , you may have completly different scores for ATI at different resolutions ( for example at r mode 6 nvidia is better but only at r mode 9 ATI overpasses nvidia ....but your monitor refresh rate doesnt allow you to play at rmode 9 :)))) )........finally id say you also consider that with an ATI you`ll EVENTUALLY play with no problems all the games that apeared in its manufacturing year while with a nvidia you`ll surely play the games that will apear in the next 2-3 years with no problems.....
well, I experienced problem with drivers only once, I just updated it and problem was gone. Considering the fact that I am using ATI graphics for over 7 years, its a great success :)
The problem with nvidias for me was always in their price, when I compared geforce graphic with same price as some radeon one, radeon was ahead (or maybe just slovakian market was fucked up).

Quotefinally id say you also consider that with an ATI you`ll EVENTUALLY play with no problems all the games that apeared in its manufacturing year while with a nvidia you`ll surely play the games that will apear in the next 2-3 years with no problems.....

I somehow disagree :) I am not following the graphic card scene that much, but last test I saw were in favour of ATI, considering they have shit drivers they have to be much more powerfull than current nvidias (but meanwhile nvidia could release some new product which will top everything).
AMD is ahead of Nvidia at the moment and I think it will stay that way, too many bad moves from Nvidia lately..
thats basicly what i am saying :)
Except I am following the market very closely and am quite convinced that Nvidia will have a very hard time coming back to it's prime if at all.

That is good as long as it doesn't mean that Nvidia will go bankrupt. AMD can earn quite a lot money now, which will help in competing with Intel. So at the end, if Nvidia won't sink too low, it's a good thing.
Dude you're bullshitting me. Of all the mice I have I prefer a MX518 which won't go past 600 Hz but is fucking stable at 500 Hz -_-
Logitech MX518 showoff done some seconds ago

image: 210h7iv
Well yes i anticipated that someone will come up with this - still it only shows that for some it may reach 500 Hz ( though in your case the average is 490 ; deathadder has its average to 499 :P ) and for others ( my case :D ) it wont.....i wonder how many deathadders cant reach an average of 499 ( ok for your sake lets say 490 hz ) ?
Moreover , try mousemovement recorder and see it ingame .....youll be surprised of what you found (or maybe ...not? )
I tried and it worked. Moreover I think that your Logitech MX518 might be broken. Also, you should look at the output values in current rate and not average, because it is physically not possible to have 500 Hz as average due to swapping the direction in which you move your mouse (from let to right and vice versa) or you do circles which nearly neglects that.

Also, it would help if you would do your measurements with the same program. I didn't use 'dx_mouse_timer' for the sole purpose of showing you the current value tab.

Funny enough I also own a Deathadder : P
Hey thanks a lot for our conversation- and i really mean it!.....information is wellcome anytime ( at least for me ) and i like very much discussions from which i learn something and also i like talking to people to exchange knowledge or other impressions .....hope we`ll talk again soon ( next time your subject ;) ) ...
Thank you for our conversation too :)
how can u hate it's shape if you never played with it
i have never played with it any significant amount of time, i tried few hours at public @friends pc, I didnt like the shape. On the other hand I liked the shape of mx518 on first touch, basicly same goes for ikari. Is this enough for u now?
Hey, can you explain why Optical is better? Lasers mouses are more expensive and more accurate(?). My friend keeps telling me Laser is better and I say the opposite.

So which attributes makes optical better compared to laser.
in the past, lasers had serious troubles with many surfaces, it was almost impossible to use them on light mousepad (for example qpad CT white, I even heard many ppl complaining about laser mice on black mousepads, mice tend to skip or do some unexpectable moves when they "find" some small dirt on surface etc). Nowadays I would say that laser mice dont give such errors (didnt test any of those recent ones, and tbh never will), but to have such mouse u have to pay twice as much as for high-end optical mouse.
xai g500 and g9x have all the same sensor, which is the best laser sensor atm, but still it freaks out when dust is in their way ; x
Maybe ...but i bought it new - took it from the box and plugged it and .....delay delay delay- no matter the settings...i played with it for 2 weeks and same crap result....if you know some magic settings please share ( im open minded to all solutions but till now deathadder is still on top :( )
I don't know what's the issue with your PC. I don't particularly feel it's the mice fault. SetPoint is pure evil, I heard that a lot of guys using Windows 7 experienced lag despite of their mice..
My pc is quite decent - no problem with 125 fps on any map on full detail on resolutions up to 2048x1536 ( my monitor wont go further :DD ) ....maybe my motherboard doesnt like laser ( or the G9) for win 7 once you tweak your registrys is quite ok ( i use the ultimate accel fix for win 7 )- as i said , my delay is only present on G9 ( if i were to make a delay scale it would look like this G9<mx518<deathadder , the last beeing the less "delayed" if i may say so :P )
This is only my experience , i know there are other players ( high ) that use G9 or mx518 and feel ok; i dont say that these mice are generally bad for use ( maybe only for my way of moving or my pc ) , i was only trying to give him a fair point of view ( or different point of view ) before choosing what mouse to buy ...
Just for clearing that out. The G9x is not the same as it's older brother G9.

Furthermore delay doesn't have to do anything with how bad or good your PC is. I agree that optical surpasses laser and is therefore the best.

Windows 7 isn't exactly what I would like for games. There's a topic full with guys saying that Windows 7 handles mouse inputs different and has more delay than Windows XP.

Also, there's a acceleration fix made by MarkC, which is the ONLY fix working properly (1:1) with Windows 7.
Yes well youre not saying anything new to me :P
I know the difference between G9 and G9x ....i said i have a G9
Windows 7 is not suited for games if you have a crap pc that will "move" slowly ( surely you know its requirements ) 7 uses the resources better than XP ( for better pc win 7 will get the most of them while xp is limited )
articles.Where did you find that "windows 7 has more delay than xp"? it has delay if you install win 7 on an old crap pc ....
I am using that MarkC fix but its more to it than that 1-to-1....he updated it very much check
His work is far from over ;)
Delay is pc or pc settings related ; imagine playin ET on a AMD 2600 with an nvidia geforce mx400 (64 bit ) and not reachin even 43 fps( i played with this pc for 2 years )....."delay" has to do with many things and pc or pc/settings ( BIOS settings) is one important aspect
I actually meant the topic you gave me the link for.

Look what corrupt wrote at the end of that topic.

We were talking about input/output usb device lag and for a usb device it makes no difference if I would try to run it on a Pentium IV with 1 GHz. Except for using 1000 Hz which would eat pretty much all of the computers resources with such a low-end setup ; )

You stated that "windows 7 uses the resources better than XP". I reply to that statement: bullshit.
If you say its bullshit that win 7 uses resources better than xp try this : on pc with 4gb RAM ( or more ) see how many gb XP actually "sees" and "uses" then try windows 7 and so on know "bullshit" isnt exactly a good arguement unless it can be used as an arguement for explaining somethings else :)))

That win7 accel fix didnt satisfied me at all - it improves your mouse feeling but its not customized to the way you move your mouse ( its like sensitivity in ET ; whatever suits best for you and not what others use )....thats why im still modifying mouse registrys till i end up with somthing good for me
Surely for the device it makes no difference ; it can only transmitts the inputs in one way ( thats why some may transmit faster than others ; some may have more delay than others ).... the difference can be made by the pc ( or motherboard ) because it is the "interface" between the device ( the mice we were talkin about ) and the server ( where you play ET )- by refering to pc/hardware i was saying that the lag/delay/whatever i experienced with G9 or mx 518 cant be explained by a crap pc
Yeah whatever, at least you know what you are talking about. So do I, but I don't really have time to continue our little talk ; (
zowie ec2!!
I want to buy a SteelSeries Kinzu, has anybody tested it? :<
why buy a steelseries when theres razer
I already had the diamondback and the copperhead, both were awesome when it comes to precision, but both suck when it comes to durability, that's why I won't buy any razer products anymore.
got a DA for a year now, still as new :]
accel i think, depends what you like I guess
on every review they say kinzu sucks ass so dont buy it plz :) zowie ec mouse is some new shit DA+ KINZU shaped mouse with old mx518 sensor capable of doing stable 1000hz what do you else want ?
i have steel series kinzu.
I've got razer deathadder fucking nice and comfortable.
I cannot complain about my deathadder... allthough if you want to see what happened to it after you slam youre fist onto it 5/6 times and stamp on it a few times check "my broken mouse" in my profile. It still worked without any problems!
mx518 all the way !
Deathadder or IME but IME > ALL for ET!
g5 or mx518, da = shit (2 times broken during 18 months! they gave me brand new da after the 2nd time, but I bought myself mx518 and it still works great after 17 months)
Laser mice , even though they may have higher dpi , their performance is below optical ones ( in FPS games at least) because they tend to skip pixels and they behave very bad at medium or high speed movement ....from what i discovered its better , if you have a laser mouse , to play at higher resolutions and even at those resolutions it often skips pixels and has some delays( im completly dissapointed of G9 performance! )
- as you know higher resolutions pose other problems in ET ( low refresh rate , etc etc ).......last but not least take a look at reviews like esreality mousescore...........
g5.. maybe think of mx518 too, its by far cheaper than a g5 but nearly 0 difference
If u have a big hand ==> g5.

But with deathadder u can have 1000hz izi .

Prefer razer for The disign but logitec =>better quality .
1000hz gives you mouse accel.
I say just that he can. Me , i play with a mx518 with 125hz
aha! so you want him to suck and have mouse accel? :O :D:D:D

mx518 is a good mouse, i bought one, but i couldnt handle it. it sucked for me :S

try it with 500hz, its A BIG difference... really. no team will take you unless you have 500 hz :D
lol @ all the noobs which never heard of ESR
da ofc, if you prefer logitech : mx518 !
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